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The Parry Company

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The Client

The Parry Company supplies silica sand and gravel for use by municipal water treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Excellent service provides our customers with high quality water filter sand and gravel. We also provide competitive freight service to project locations. The company has a long history of producing and processing quality water treatment media and materials. These products can be used by various industries such as municipal water treatment plants, original equipment manufacturers, track and field applications, agricultural companies, and industrial water treatment facilities.

Where We Come In

The owner of The Parry Co came to us out of concern. His previous website had the wrong contact information on it and he was concerned that he was missing requests for quotes. The company he had worked with previously was no longer and he wasn’t sure where to turn.

After sitting down and having a conversation with our web designer, Amy Sheeter, he felt reassured and ready to tackle the project. Our designer gathered the materials she needed and corresponded with the previous company for information.

The Project

We built the Parry Co website on Squarespace. By scaling this project to be smaller, we were able to charge less and fit the project within our client’s budget. We are FOR our clients and we do everything we can to make sure that they get what they need.

The website is simple, clean and informative. Users get a look into the company and have access to the information they need to request quotes. The website also informs potential customers of products and sizes of products for their reference.


We love working with companies of all sizes, industries and needs. If you are interested in working with us, give us a shout using our contact page!