Maggie's Farm & Aromatics Website Design

Maggie’s Farm & Aromatics Website Design & Development

Site featured: Maggie’s Farm & Aromatics

Metropolis Design Studios has had the privilege of collaborating and working on Maggie’s Farm & Aromatics website design & development. Maggie’s Farm is a modern apothecary with handmade goods. From designing and developing their initial website to the recent expansion, Metropolis has been an integral part of Maggie’s Farm’s digital evolution.

Metropolis designed and developed the first iteration of the website, laying the foundation for what was to come. However, as Maggie’s Farm flourished and its business grew, its website needed to grow with it. 

Maggie’s Farm recently acquired a second location and asked Metropolis to expand the current website to allow space for two locations, more photos of the spaces and ways to book candle pourings in both Chillicothe and Columbus Ohio.

The revamped website not only helped Maggie’s grow logistically but also involved a redesign using a new color palette marked by earthy tones and a pop of purple in accordance to their logo. 

The website isn’t just a digital catalog—it’s a portal to an immersive experience. Seamless integration of contact information for store associates across both locations ensures that assistance is just a click away. Moreover, intuitive calls-to-action beckon visitors to partake in unique experiences, such as booking candle-pouring sessions—a testament to Maggie’s Farm’s dedication to fostering community and shared moments of joy.

We loved the Maggie’s Farm & Aromatics website design & development project, and we look forward to future collaboration as Maggie’s Farm continues to share its presence with the world.

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