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Project Description:Kennedy Family Dentistry is located in Chillicothe, Ohio. We were able to come alongside them in their quest to create a cohesive brand that was clean and invoked trust. Kennedy Dentistry has been a client of ours for a long time and we have walked with them through multiple branding and website design projects. They wanted their brand to be simple and friendly. They serve those of all ages and stages and wanted something that caters to every group.

Website Design: The website was created to be user friendly and minimal. Only the information that is necessary was included so that users wouldn't have to dig through pages and pages to find what they need.

Responsive Design: We Recognize the importance of mobile accessibility, so our developers created the website to be fully responsive. This means it automatically adapts to fit any screen size, from desktop to mobile, ensuring a smooth user experience for all visitors regardless of the device they're using. Make sure to check out the website design & development for the Animal Care Clinic through the link above!
Website Design & Development for the Animal Care ClinicWebsite Design & Development for the Animal Care Clinic
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