Good Design Matters

The Importance of Good Website Design to Build Customer Relations and Trust

A website is the ultimate “First Impression”

Think of it this way, if you stepped into a store and the products were haphazardly strewn everywhere, the walls were green with orange stripes, the floor looked like it hadn’t been swept in a week, there were no signs indicating what was even being sold in the store and there was one employee sitting in the corner on their phone… You probably would enter and immediately turn around and leave. 

Contrast that with stepping into a store with all of the products organized onto different tables with signs labeling what the products were and their prices, modern and aesthetic furniture and light fixtures, clean floors, and multiple employees who greeted you the second you walked in… Now you might stay and browse this store. You might even inherently trust the quality of the products more than the quality of the other store just from first impressions of the space. 

Websites allow customers to get this first impression without even needing to step into your store. So many of your potential customers will check your social media and website before even thinking about taking the time to actually step into your store that your website MATTERS. 

Good design matters, but so does user experience!

Good design matters, but so does user experience. Even if your website looks good and has a bunch of cool features, but your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, the website is still not ideal. You want your website to convey who YOU are and what you value. 

One of the best ways to tackle good user experience is to make sure that the website’s main navigation makes sense and clearly communicates what users should find on each page. Avoiding ambiguous jargon and using categories and subcategories helps organize the website so your customers can navigate your site without becoming frustrated. 


Web design is important to the success of your business because customers care about the way you present yourself online just as much as in the store. It always gives people a good way to know who you are and what you do and can help generate traffic without you needing to lift a finger!

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