Flossy's Sweet Tooth
Project Description: Flossy's Sweet Tooth is a cotton candy company that crafts fun and delicious cotton candy. The company needed an entire branding makeover. Logo and label creation were the key elements that needed created. The primary objective was to create an image that would resonate with their target demographic and encapsulate the joyous and vibrant essence of cotton candy.

Logo Design: We began by focusing on the logo, the cornerstone of the brand's identity. We opted for a design that was both fun and captivating. We used a gradient of pink and blue hues. This was a nod to the traditional cotton candy colors. These shades also injected the logo with energy, aligning it with the company's lively spirit.

Label Design: After creating the logo, we then moved to creating the labels. We already established a branding guide with a set color palette, and we made sure to main brand coherence when designing the labels.

Final Result: The final branding for Flossy's Sweet Tooth is a playful and captivating mix of fun fonts, vibrant colors, and minimalist design while also keeping everything professional. The branding certainly captures the essence of the company which is joyful, playful, and deliciously sweet. However, the new branding also successfully elevated Flossy's Sweet Tooth's image, making it stand out in a crowded market, and made it easier for customers to identify and connect with the brand. Finally, the new logo and labels not only embody the spirit of the company but also underscore its commitment to quality and transparency.

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