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Project Description: We created a website for Southern Ohio Botanicals, a business based in Waverly, Ohio, committed to revolutionizing the perception and consumption of medical cannabis in the community. The new website reflects their dedication to holistic health and high-quality, locally-sourced products. This project was a big feat for Waverly and the surrounding areas. We were able to be a big part of the new wave of educating people on the wellness and health benefits of medical cannabis.

Design: We wanted the design pieces of the website to be clean, modern, and welcoming. The goal was to evoke feelings of warmth and inclusivity while maintaining a professional and trustworthy appearance. Southern Ohio Botanicals already had an existing brand and color palette so we made sure to use these colors to the best of our ability. Blue evokes a sense of trust and is a great choice in working to gain the trust of SOB's customers. Make sure to check out the website for Southern Ohio Botanicals using the link above!
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