Think Hire

About this Project Think:hire is a company specifically designed to help other business owners find the “perfect fit” for their company. We helped think:hire create their “perfect site.” 


This complex website houses all of the information someone would need when it comes to exploring, doing business it, and living in the “Greater Chillicothe & Ross County” area. It highlights things to do, places to eat, and all of the opportunities that are presented there. 

K & K Carpet Care

We designed this website for K & K Carpet Care. They have been reliable, carpet cleaning experts for over 23 years, and we did our best to showcase and match their professionalism through this site. 

D.E. Huddleston Construction

Website designed for D.E. Huddleston Construction. Created with a focus on easy user experience and access to important information to customers. 

Phoenix Fire Museum

Website designed for the Phoenix Fire Museum in Chillicothe, Ohio. This site focuses on giving the user easy access to information about the museum and why it is so important. 

Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry

We had the privilege of designing a site for Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, and we have the opportunity to continue to manage their website and keep it up to date. This user-friendly space offers a place for parents to go and easily have access to information that they need in reference to their child’s dental health. 

Benson-Motes Title Agency

We were asked to redesign the Benson Title website. Our main focus was on making sure that scheduling a closing was the most prominent and accesible feature on the site. The other concern was making the experience easy and user friendly to help maximize business. 


Website designed for Goodwill of the South Central Ohio area. We included a lot of interactive features in this website so that consumers can easily access all of the offerings that Goodwill has such as job opportunities and the option to donate. 

Perfection One Collision

A website design created for Perfection One Collision. One of the best features of this website is the “book an appointment” option that allows users to easily book apointments without the hassle of back and forth communication via phone or email. 

Rainbow Yoga

This is a website + mobile user design completed for Rainbow Yoga Studio. There was an already existing logo, so we chose colors that complimented said logo and kept the feel of the website “relaxed” and “fresh.” Our interactive design allows the user to explore yoga terms + definitions and to see and easily sign up for different classes.