D.E. Huddleston Construction

Website designed for D.E. Huddleston Construction. Created with a focus on easy user experience and access to important information to customers. 

Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry

We had the privilege of designing a site for Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, and we have the opportunity to continue to manage their website and keep it up to date. This user-friendly space offers a place for parents to go and easily have access to information that they need in reference to their child’s dental health. 

Ross County Park District

This is a redesign of the former Ross County Park District website. We always create our sites to be user friendly, and we were able to really capture the nature trails through use of video on the home page and specially created badges for each park. 


Website designed for Goodwill of the South Central Ohio area. We included a lot of interactive features in this website so that consumers can easily access all of the offerings that Goodwill has such as job opportunities and the option to donate.