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Project Description: Website Design for Midway Sign | The Midway Sign Company website redesign was a comprehensive project that sought to create a strong digital presence for the company while maintaining visual consistency with its sister company, Metropolis Design Studios. With a wide-ranging clientele seeking different types of signs, it was crucial for the website to effectively communicate Midway's broad service offerings and unique design capabilities.

The project revolved around constructing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that catered to a diverse user base. We aimed to make the navigation seamless, allowing visitors to find the type of sign they're looking for with ease, while also engaging them with eye-catching graphics and designs.

A major aspect of the design was ensuring a cohesive brand with Metropolis Design Studios. We achieved this by incorporating similar web design features, such as color schemes, typography, and graphical elements, which align with the overarching brand aesthetic. This gave the website a familiar feel for those who had interacted with Metropolis Design Studios before while maintaining its distinct identity.

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